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A file with the .email extension is associated with Microsoft Outlook Express, the popular email client installed with the Windows operating system. The alternative .eml extension is more widely used than the old .email one but they are the exact same format. In addition to Outlook Express, .email files can be opened in a standard text editor like NotePad or Kedit. If the file contains HTML or images, they will not be rendered as they would in Outlook Express. Instead, the user will simply see the code which represents the object. Some other email clients like Thunderbird, Kmail, Eudora, and Evolution may or may not be able to open individual .email files, depending on what is contained in the message. In most cases however, if the .email is renamed using the .eml extension these other clients should be able to open them.


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There have been numerous reports of users receiving an .email attachment as part of a normal message sent from a trusted party. Upon attempting to open the attachment, all that is displayed are the message headers along with another .email attachment. Continuing to open the attachments will produce the same results endlessly. This error seems to be related to the message headers, but there is no apparent rhyme or reason. Experts warn that if you encounter this scenario, immediately stop attempting to open the attachments and scan the file for viruses. It is possible for an .email attachment to contain a virus or trojan horse and be activated when the user attempts to open the attachment.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Email

There have also been numerous reports of errors when trying to batch export .email or .eml messages from within Outlook or Outlook Express. Generally these errors are caused by messages that are not standard compliant, and generally these non-standard messages would be considered spam. If the user can locate the bad .email file and remove it, the batch export should work properly. If this solution fails, another option is to archive the files rather than exporting them. Users who wish to archive .email or .eml files without leaving them in the email client can do so by storing them on a a flash drive, DC, or DVD. From within Outlook Express simply drag the files to another location and then move them to your external storage device as you would any other file. Understand however, that once this is done the messages will become read-only.

emlBridge 3.5 is a software package that can convert .eml files and import them in to just about any rfc822 compliant email program. It runs like a POP Server on your desktop, retrieving your .eml files from whatever medium they are stored on. Point your email client to this server and check your mail. The messages will be "downloaded" just like normal. To make this possible with .email files, they need to be re-named using the .eml extension.

Users of Lotus Notes can export their email messages and folders for use in Outlook express using a program called NSF Email to Outlook Express 1.0. This conversion tool preserves the Lotus Notes file structure while converting the email messages to .eml format. The software also preserves the properties of individual messages such as time and date sent and information in the to, cc, and bcc fields.

Lastly, another application called emltohtml provides a rather unique tool for .email and .eml files. With this application messages can be converted from standard email to HTML files for use on a website. The HTML code can be viewed as a stand alone web page, or added to an existing web page. As referenced previously in this article, files with the .email extension must be re-named using .eml before they can be accessed by this software.

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